The Dream Up Festival is an annual collection of new works of drama, comedy, poetry, music and dance presented by Theater for the New City. The festival takes place in the East Village, New York in late August and early September. The inaugural Dream Up Festival premiered in 2010, and offered 25 shows consisting of 23 World Premieres and 2 American Premieres.

The Dream Up Festival challenges both artists and audiences members to reconsider the way they interact with the arts. The festival does not seek out traditional theater presented in a traditional way, but rather pushes ideas to the forefront through imaginative presentations. Artists and creators are challenged to explore how their artistic vision can inspire in their work ideas of inventive pioneering, vitriolic attack and immense liberation. The audience is likewise challenged to reflect upon the ways in which they interact with the arts and use it to illuminate the ever-changing world around them.

Theater for the New City (TNC) traditionally supports local artists, but in the past decade has recognized the value in expanding their performer base. The Dream Up Festival is designed to expand TNC’s base by giving opportunities to performers from across the country and around the world to produce their original works. The founders at TNC find international involvement in theater and the arts of paramount importance in a globalized world that merely feigns interest in original artistry.

TNC maintains a distinctive commitment to high artistic values and community service. TNC has consistently been the most inexpensive theater of its caliber and the institution continues its commitment to affordable tickets with this festival. Dream Up Festival ticket prices will range from $12-$20 for the participating productions. Most of the productions will be staged at least five times.

For more information, visit: http://www.dreamupfestival.org/index.html

For general inquires: please contact literary@theaterforthenewcity.net

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